The one and the all

Support or oppression.  When we celebrate the human experience and how we evolve through exploration, we will have entered the revolution of evolution.  No one way is the right way, it is unique for each of us, and that is the whole point.  To be born into the human experience to achieve a growth that can not be achieved when we are in our whole state of being outside of this construct is the game.  We must experience and explore separation as part of the growth experience.  The judgment of separation keeps us running in place.

Those who will not allow an exploration of the self and attempt to oppress your ideas are not here to support you.  They are stuck in judgment, and as much as they say everyone is different, the constant message that you do not quite measure up to their standards is the prevailing message. If this is the message you are receiving, it is a message that requires more deciphering to understand what it is triggering within you. And just like anything else, it has layers of perspective; it might also be the message to shift to a more supportive environment.  It is time for environments of growth that, through acceptance, love, and compassion, heal the wounded psyche that is us all. It is beneath the surface and interpretation of how this energy impacts you.  This evolution all begins with understanding what supports your growth by understanding yourself.

Our awareness of emotions and feelings are pieces of the separation of the self. Everything is connected in our energetic system.  It has too long been the belief that things are separate that has brought us to this state.  We can not just say something like; they are in their ego as if it is “bad.”  There is a need for a depth of understanding and exploration and, most of all, compassion around what that means for us all.  The ego is an important piece of us, and it also has to evolve along with the rest of us.  We can not bastardize our emotions because we do not want to feel them; the same is true with all of our parts. All of our pieces and parts are restructuring just as the whole is being restructured. Look out into society; we are breaking down all old structures and abstract belief systems. We see this reflected, first within the separate self and then with the collective systems. Look at how we discriminate in society or choose not to look or address issues; this is a result of how we do the very same things within ourselves. The systems are connected and reflective. 

The rejection or judgment of others has taught us to do the same to ourselves, and we repeat it generationally, within circles and cycles.  Everything we see on the outside reflects the inside.  Should you be ashamed of your wounds that have caused certain behaviors?  Absolutely not!  That behavior is what brought us to this juncture, and we are ready to evolve beyond the shame, blame, and guilt that has been programmed into the human psyche.  This is your unique journey, and how you choose to traverse it is your choice entirely.  But a focus on understanding your behaviors through understanding their cause helps shift the energy that comes into your awareness because when you are ready, it is time. An effort to stop judging and an acceptance with compassion regarding what we do not understand in others is at the forefront of change here. If we can do it for others, we begin to do it for ourselves, and when we do it for ourselves, we do it for others.

It is time to love ALL of our pieces and parts.  To have compassion for those who did not have the love and support, and yes, the wounds that were created, the ones that caused our beliefs and, in turn, our behaviors are the key.  I recognize it and love it in you because it is in me.  While we are all unique, we are still operating within the same biological systems and structures.  It is the understanding of those structures and shifting in the energy we have approached them with that brings the evolution we are ready for. 

While I say this because I am feeling the frustration with the intense judgment of ourselves and the reflection I see in the world, I focus again here, on that reflection.  I am reminded, we can not brush our hair by brushing the mirror. There has been no other time in our known history where we have had this type of connection to one another and the ability to go deep within concurrently.  We are pulling in the lifetimes, the experience, the data, to shift.  With this, we are capable of recognizing a shift in energy and change in real-time.  We are manifesting in the now.  Be the change, lose the judgment, adopt the compassion we need to love ourselves.  This shift in perspective is the only way we will shift the whole. 

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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