Open the mind to your being

With so much going on in the world around us, it is easy to get overwhelmed.  If we take a deep breath and open the mind, we can observe some fundamental but abstract beliefs.  The current collective situation of the pandemic is prompting an inner adventure, the journey into the self, and a realization of the beliefs and behaviors that we have accepted as our norm.

In my world, school still moves forward; my college classes online, there was never a down moment or a softened pace.  The experience allowed me to look at the practices within myself.  The behavior of perfection and obsession over acquiring knowledge and integrating it to live through this new perspective has come to the forefront. Not only that, but several behaviors have been brought to the surface through my school experience, my interactions with my family and friends, and the other perceived responsibilities of life.  The virus that continues to change the world stage filtering into our communities and then into our homes allows a depth of exploration into the self on a whole new level. 

Each experience prompts me to ask myself why, why do I feel this way, and where did this belief begin.  Today I feel the need to share my light.  I continue to stand firm in who I AM and share my love without conditions.  If there was ever a time for love without conditions, it is now.  Through this action, I have a few insights that have come to the surface.  The remembering of who we are, at the deepest levels, is about each of us as source beings and the perfection we are in every way. A focus on letting go of all of the judgment surrounding the actions and beliefs of others is apparent.  This release, in conjunction with recognizing we are each experiencing this reality through our perceptual filters.  The journey and detailed experience of each of us is unique while also being the same. While we are each a unique expression of source, we have human behaviors and experiences that are similar, our response and expression through them is our unique human experience and the choice.  Honoring and supporting one another with compassion is always the key.

When we recognize who we are at our core, we no longer look outside of ourselves for the definition of who we are.  There is an inner knowing that operates on feeling paired with the balance of our other systems.  When we rely on others to tell where we are in experiencing or if we are right or wrong, not quite there or ooh so close, we are detaching from our authenticity.  While everything is a connected energetic system, in reality, it is also individual and separate.  For many years there have been teachings that focus on the whole while judging the separate.  Every piece of source is perfect.  It is our judgment that gives it meaning and creates the preferred or undesired experience.

With this understanding, we can take a look at all the pieces and the whole exploring without judgment.  Just by becoming aware, we shift the energy of some of our behaviors and beliefs.  Doing this from the inner knowing of who you are is fundamental at this time.  We can support one another without codependency.  An exploration of perspectives allows for new insights if we open the mind.  However, if we already have a fixed belief based on judgment, we will lose our balance.  When this energy shows itself, it is a signal to go within and explore the pieces.

We are in a current environment that may appear destructive from one perspective.  While another perspective opens the door for enormous growth and understanding, use the current experiences to explore yourself, examine beliefs, and question without judgment.  When judgment is present, love it and understand it.  Explore your judgment; it to was created just like any other system in reality.  We have many opportunities through this current experience for growth.  Relax into them with feeling, a deep sense of trust of thyself, and love without conditions.  Change begins with us as a reflection from within our state of being. That state of being is what is made manifest in our reality. Open your mind.

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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