The transformation

If you read my blog, you will know I have had the song into the unknown playing in my head for months.  I was in a chrysalis and awaiting a rebirth.  That birth began just before the full moon, and post full moon, a releasing of the significant baggage I had been carrying for most of this lifetime finally occurred.  Now journeying into this new moon, EVERYTHING has been about remembering who you are.  In the last couple of days, meditations have shown me the geometry I see right before a new manifestation is expressed in this reality. The energy of this geometry was of pure, unaltered source consciousness, a feeling of love that words can not describe adequately.  It feels as if I am floating and overflowing in love in every way possible.  The new moon energy serves as an anchor to manifest this into reality.

Even in the face of those who do not understand your signs and journey, I am reminded to stand firm.  Honoring my belief system, even if it does not align with one other person in this reality, is so important right now. Even when I cannot communicate it clearly to others, I must maintain it.  Knowing myself and being honest about what I know is true is imperative.  My job here is to understand myself and honor my path; by remembering who I am and what that means to me.  In doing so, I can share with others and help bring the unconscious beliefs that hold them back from following their highest joy to the surface to be transformed.

Our current experience of this virus is showing us a lot of surprising new ways to do things more efficiently, it is reminding us of our humanity and how not sweating the small stuff is so important.  By going within and understanding ourselves and when we stand firm in that knowing, we do not feel the need to push our ideas onto others. Maintaining openness to explore perspectives allows us to see and expand into new possibilities.  When we stay positive and in alignment with our passion, we continue on a path that will take us into those realities regardless of what is happening around us.

Last week I joined a zoom group.  I met an old friend who, in the past, triggered me.  Over time as the perspective of relationship widened and I recognized she returned me to myself.  My relationship with her was the ultimate gift!  Her interaction in my life brought a significant shift into me recognizing some of my choices in looking for outside validation and people-pleasing as an old survival skill of which I no longer needed.

 During our meeting, I was reminded of how, when I speak, she does not hear what I say.  She hears something else entirely, and in the past that triggered feeling like there was something “wrong” with me.  When I left the meeting, I asked my collective guides, “Why does she not hear me? What is really going on here?”  They replied, “It never had or has anything to do with you.”  She misses someone very deeply, and you carry a matching energy signature.  Her reactions to you are based on locked away unconscious feelings.  They showed me a vision of all the readings I had done for her, and what they had been attempting to communicate and what she would not allow herself to open to, perhaps she wasn’t ready, it really doesn’t matter, it is all perfect in this now.  Our relationship served a purpose back then, it opened the door for me to understand and go deeper into myself, and it opened the door for her to do the same, the rest is the choice.  Her reactions to me simply have nothing to do with me.  But what they do accomplish now is a reminder to continue my path of reconnection to my authenticity.  She has her choice, and I have mine, and each is beautiful no matter what it appears to others on the outside.

Last week I also facilitated a new Soul Support Group on the Sirius Joy app, I had initially set this meeting to discuss learning to love the self and compassion, but something else happened.  Isn’t that the way and fun of this adventure?  We think something will happen, but then something else happens instead, and it always PERFECT! The something else was the need to address fear with the group due to what is appearing in the collective reality.

In the paradox, my nervousness triggered my Complex PTSD, and my mind simply went blank, this fight or flight remains ever so slightly.  I am still working to heal my nervous system and this fight or flight response, and I have come a long way from its old programming.  Even in that, it was a great meeting.  Fear is always an indicator of an underlying belief.  I was impressed that so many of these amazing men and women were in such a beautifully orchestrated creation of space.  Not one was allowing fear to penetrate there being, and if they felt any anxiety, they were each engaging their practice of self-care to remain heart-centered and present. 

Participating in groups like these, with like-minded people who do not go to fear and have well-groomed egos, allows me to see my own reflection. I continue to see how my reality has been impacted by all the internal work I have done.  These last few years of focusing on learning to love myself and identify the beliefs that no longer serve me has allowed me to see a reflection of a healed self in those who surround me.  These experiences are like the breadcrumbs that keep me on the path I was born to live.  While we cannot do this wrong, we must stay vigilant about making choices that take us to the experiences we prefer. OR NOT, it is up to YOU, and it is ALWAYS okay.

 The reactions, opinions, and energy of others have nothing to do with you.  Once you reconnect to the self and your authenticity, it is like lightning striking.  For me, all the puzzle pieces picked themselves up and came together.  In the past, I would require validation from others to know I am on the right path.  And now, I know who I AM and what I AM creating.  I am in the flow in love with me for the first time in this incarnation. 

Yesterday was my birthday; it was a reminder of how far I have come to create a beautiful life for myself.  Every day my experiences show me the reflection, and in those, I am shown the choice.  What will I focus on?  Will I remain open to the positive changes bringing about possibilities and metamorphosis or focus on the negative, never allowing myself to see beyond the illusion?  Will I stand firm in who I am and trust that entirely or will I seek outside approval?

In closing, I am reminded of the feelings I feel.  There is a distinct difference in feeling when I am not in alignment with what I prefer.  Our current reality is a time to feel and to take care of the boundaries of the mind, to remain heart-centered and present.  This current experience is our time to shine our light and appreciate what is reflected! 

~ While I do not have toilet paper to share, I do have my expertise and gifts to share. I am sharing and gifting my conscious exploration sessions. Even if you just want someone to talk to, call it an opportunity to explore perspectives. I can make some time. Each of us matters, you are beautiful and perfect in every way. Together we can open to the possibilities creating something new through this transformation. ❤

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I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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