The gift of exploration

The last day or so have been a constant reminder of who I am.  My meditation journeys take me deep into seeing I am the all.  The last few months have been a strong focus on self-love, and with this self-love, I was finally able to find my inner knowing and completely trust it. My larger self continued to show me each experience of the last many years focusing on distortion that was ready to be released and how I moved through that.  With a greater understanding of the judgment that keeps me repeating the cycles of experience I do not prefer, I feel the change in energy. Just the awareness and acceptance of these structures allow them to dissipate. However, even when an experience is not what I prefer, I am only one new choice of establishing a state of being that continuously moves me closer to my preferred reality. 

This perspective is a great paradox, the allowing, releasing of the illusion of control while adjusting your beliefs and choices to create a preferred experience.  And damn is it FUN!  What a thrilling game the experience of this realm is. When you remember who you are and you trust this knowing to the core of your being, you are in the flow of allowing.  This acceptance, while understanding your power, is the great game of it all.

Keep in mind; we might have people always telling us that we are wrong, that this way is right, and that way is wrong.  My most significant expansion began to build exponentially when I said, “Fuck you and Fuck that!” When I started to see, understand, and explore the whole of consciousness and without judgment, the journey into separateness.  With a focus on the understanding that everything is the source, and it is ALL me, I loved and embraced it ALL. This acceptance and neutrality shifted my whole state of being and, thus, my experience.  I began to explore my experience as the whole and the one.  Unique and unusual, I need not do it like you for it to be “right.”

Many of the people I have worked with over the years have had real difficulty with judgment, and they came into my field because judgment was exactly where I struggled.  I need to question everything, and we should, but with an open mind, not one who has already made a choice.  For much of my life, my beliefs were not my own.  They were beliefs that belonged to someone else that I accepted, each belief I took on served a purpose at the time, but a holding onto them kept me paralyzed. At times I felt like I was running in place. It is no one’s fault, the experience of this separation serves its purpose; this journey of awakening and exploration is here to remind us of who we are, and now we are on the return to knowing.

For me, a lack of self-confidence and a detachment from my authenticity were the greater states that caused me to continue to attach to others outside of myself. My experience was one of always seeking and judging, with more seeking and judging, until I opened my eyes and saw the reflection.  Every relationship served a purpose in my expansion, and each had an offering of growth if I would only allow myself to view it.  From the inside out and not the outside in, I reattached to my authenticity, enabling me to release judgment, opening the door to experiencing my true self as the divine love that I am.

I am sharing this blog today, so we can each explore different perspectives. Taking a look inside instead of on the outside is essential to our understanding of the now.  Yes, it may appear there is a great deal of stress and uncertainty in the world just outside of your reality, and for some of us within it.  But when we know who we are, we understand the illusionary state of this reality. With the energy of the collective and our natural empathic natures, we may be finding it challenging to remain centered and in the heart while in an accepting and trusting state.  But let me ask you this.  Do your beliefs keep you anchored to experiencing reality in a specific way?  If you began to explore those very beliefs and started focusing on you without judgment, only perfect love, how would that change your experience?  What else do you have to do right now, but PLAY? We have been given the gift of an opportunity for exploration!

The time we are in is not the end; it is the beginning.  We have the gift of spending time with our loved ones and spending time with ourselves.  I am continuing to work on a painting, later today I will sit through a zoom meeting with some old friends, and tonight I will be facilitating the first-ever Sirius Joy Soul Support meeting on the Sirius Joy application.  All the while, spending time with my children and family, enjoying each now moment knowing who I AM.  I continue celebrating the beauty of the synchronistic dance that always takes me exactly where I need to be.  The journey has brought me here and provided the education and experience I needed for this now.  Everything is always perfect, and you can not screw it up.  What you have is a choice, how do you choose to experience this now?     

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I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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