Perspective is everything

The current state of the world is what transformation looks like.  The experience is a reminder that perspective is everything.  As a collective, we are currently bringing the unconscious into the conscious. At the same time, our individual dance with this energy is creating the opportunity to shift the collective and our experience.  To view the energies from many perspectives and to choose love over our fear is the choice.

The current energies are like a hurricane. The hurricane has an eye; you are the eye. We always have a choice.  We can rise above and see the whole, we can remain in the center, or we can go out into the bands of its chaotic energy of transformation.  Knowing that no matter what we choose, we cannot choose wrong; it is a matter of preference in our preferred experience.

By recognizing the energies we allow to immerse ourselves in, we can make more empowered choices.  If I make choices based on my fears, I will manifest more experiences based on the fear energy.  However, if I base decisions on love, trust, and allowing, I will create more experiences manifested from those energies.  Standing in resistance and fear is choosing to be in the bands of the storm.  And that is okay if that is what you prefer.  One thing is for sure, just as a hurricane reshapes the land, so will these experiences.  I acknowledge the beauty of it all, every choice, but I know what I prefer and what I desire to create.  I remain in the eye or above the hurricane.

My meditations have a golden grasshopper today.  Connecting to our intuition through our heart center and allowing the mind to rest is a great way to traverse the human experience.  It allows for a space of processing and guidance that is true and knowing.  When I pull the energy from my dimensional travels into my now moment, I flow in radiant energy of synchronicity.  This flow is my preferred state of being.  The grasshopper is here as a guide, reminding me I am on the right path experiencing and flowing into my heart’s desire.

The golden grasshopper is here for us to call upon, she will assist in providing intuition and guidance if we open our hearts to her.  During energetic times like these, an inner focus and connection is the key. The grasshopper will guide a deeper heart connection and communicates that everything is ALWAYS perfect. This reminder is how we remain in the eye of the chaos or rise above it.  By living in this now moment from in the inside out rather than the outside in, we remain in alignment.  The grasshopper opens the door for a fantastic adventure, one guided by your intuition and knowing.  She reminds us of our tools in coping.  Remaining present through breathing is one of the most important, the breath keeps us grounded and stable in the presence of now.

The energies we see continue to be about transformation.  Allow for your unconscious to become conscious. If fears arise, do not judge them, recognize them love them understand what is beneath the layers.  Fear is an illusion of another belief, find the underlying beliefs, and work through those with love. The current storm is creating an opportunity for significant growth and transformation.  Allow it to show you.

Lastly, this is a time of connection beyond the internal self, but a connection to the collective.  We are reminded once again that we are one humanity; we are the human race.  All division is an illusion typically based on fear.  This time is our moment to shine and make choices based on the love that we are.  Extending love and support and being the resilient and compassionate creatures that are our true nature.  Love over fear is the choice.  Making choices based on fear comes with a lot of baggage.  Let us set down our luggage and ride these waves of love.  Hurricanes make enormous waves.  Everything is a matter of perspective.  I got my board, and I am riding the wave of passion in flow with the eye of the hurricane. 

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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