It all goes down in the mind

As I am settling into a new frequency, I am reminded to relax into the energy and allow by enjoying the ride.  Before any choice, after all my pieces and parts have their say, the rest goes down in my mind. I am making choices armed with information from many lifetimes and now from a new perspective.

From this state of being, I observe.  No coincidence as we are closing old karma and facing our fears, we have had someone test positive for Coronavirus in my small hometown.  Some of my old beliefs were based on a lot of fear, creating much anxiety in my life.  I believe we are being shown this piece of our unconscious.  We are a society largely addicted to fear.  I have long believed that fear is the virus.  In my mind scenarios, I observe that even if everyone in my family contracted this virus, of which I understand based on actual data, not information from the media, we would get sick.  We will all be okay, even if we weren’t okay, we ARE okay.  There is no wrong choice or experience.  This perspective is what surrender looks like, this is allowing, and this is my current state. 

Firstly, making choices based on fear and stress lowers the immune system and changes your frequency.  We become a match to things in that frequency range.  Next, I do not think we understand how to perceive illness and what it does to the body.  Everything is about shifting frequency and vibration; illness is a change and reworking of frequencies.  Sometimes it is a communicator of “dis-ease,” sometimes it is a mass shifting of frequency. I have played with this when everyone in my family is sick.  With many avenues, I have focused on raising my frequency during the illness period.  I stay in a loving and expanded state, and I do not get sick. I have been doing this for years, so I have accumulated enough data to show this works for me.

Beyond the frequency awareness and an acceptance of change, I observe the circle of life.  Many of us have contracts to leave this simulation at certain times with exits points. Birth and death are incredibly beautiful parts of our experience.  If it is time for one of my loved ones to exit, that is what is going to happen.  I celebrate the gift of them spending the time and accumulating experience together while here.  And at times in the past, I have had a ting of jealousy that they graduated before me! Though I miss them to the depth of my core, I celebrate the experience of life.

Finally, we are here to live and experience.  I do not judge my experiences.  If I have the experience of everyone being sick in my home, which I have many times, it does not define me.  It is only experience.  No matter what happens, I will appreciate the experience and the expansion it brings.  What may appear as suffering to one is actually a defining gain to another; everything is a matter of perspective. 

I will not make choices based in fear; I am here to live and expand.  I wash my hands and use tissues just like I do any other time.  I do not cancel events or stay indoors during flu season; I will not make these types of choices now.  Of course, I will always attempt to make choices that reflect my greatest growth, and that may appear “scary” to some.  But that is okay; this is my life and my experience.

When my fears surface, I look at them; I want to understand them.  That is what 2020 is bringing for all of us.  This is yet another opportunity to examine who you are, what your fears look like, and to understand how to release them.  It is another opportunity to understand what you agree to.  Often it is difficult to recognize what causes some of our behaviors.  I believe 2020 will engage those and open a door for us to bring the unconscious into the conscious realms. 

I am floored by the number of resources being spent at this time on this virus.  Yet the same funds are not spent on health in the way of everyday prevention, teaching us how to be healthier.  We still stigmatize mental health instead of spending the resources to understand and educate positive mindsets and exploration of the individual’s well being.  Every two weeks, over 2,000 people die from an overdose.  Yet we do not focus on treatment that asks the real questions about addiction and why so many are using things outside of themselves to cope. Let’s focus on healthy ways to live life rather than building fear of the unknown.  This experience has shown our deep addiction to fear and is a reminder that we are creating it all.

One of Johnny Cash’s songs references something along the lines of “heaven and hell; it all goes down in your mind.” And he was right; our beliefs define our reality.  The Buddha said, “with our minds, we create the world.” Everything is a choice and perception plays a defining role.  It all goes down in the mind.

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I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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