When the pieces come together

OMGOODNESS! I am have just closed the door on lifetimes of karma!  All of my many lifetime experiences have merged into this now experience, this perspective.  It was as if I was born, literally stepped through an energetic doorway, and on the other side, a sweeping up and carry of my energy onto a new path exploded into being. 

It began yesterday morning, driving my daughter to school and continues.  The synchronicity of the flow.  An experience where I do not seek, but the information is presented along with outside confirmation giving me that stamp that says, “YES THIS IS IT, KEEP GOING WE GOT YOU.” I wrote yesterday’s blog and then visited a subscription service I use that gives me my astrological report for the day.  Within the application, there is a sharing of a daily song.  The very same Nirvana song my daughter had cast from her phone to my car radio several hours earlier on the drive to school was shared in the application. I may have been approaching the threshold early in the day, when my morning meditation was showing a release from the day prior and refilling of new energy into my body and auric field.

As I maintained my energy, I shared some intuition about 2020 that I had not shared publicly before.  My ego stepped up to remind me of my fear of judgment, the judgment I had felt so significantly these last years.  But I stood firm in my self-love, self-trust, and knowing. I observed the energy dissipate throughout the day.  I visited with a client, sessions that I rarely do nowadays, only for those who I am shown to share my energy.  I have learned to be very selective about where I share this energy and how to maintain a balance of giving and receiving.  Without giving to myself, I emptied my energy and had nothing left over.  I believed if I gave everything I had to others, I would manifest that in return.  However, that isn’t how it works.  Our state of being is what we manifest. The session went well, and I can see this wave of awakening stepping up along with a depth of desire to take responsibility and make the change take hold.

A voice said in my head to look up an old program and concept I had been introduced to but had not visited in years.  So I pulled it up on my computer and inputted my info to get a report on my specific information.  I downloaded it to my computer along with an ebook to understand the results.  A name had been on my mind the last few days, an old friend I hadn’t spoken to in a few years.  Send a message, and check-in was the message, so I did.  And she responded.

Suddenly I was thrust into energy so overwhelming, and as I am here today typing, this blog continues to manifest.  My friend mentioned in her email the very same program I had juts visited only less than a few hours prior.  She included all the information the guidance would have her share because it was exactly what I needed in her next emails.  This flow and the ride began and continues.  Suddenly videos were popping up on my computer, showing me signs and symbols piecing together over fifteen years of meditation journey’s signs and symbols gleaned.  Suddenly I understood a sign that I had been seeking an answer to for over seven years! The explanation of what it meant and its relevance to me and how it will be used in the future.  The next steps showed up on amazon as books, in the synchronicity as the following pieces of a puzzle I had no idea was being completed. 

Suddenly I am seeing and understanding the human experience in a whole new way.  It is as if all the pieces and parts have come together.  Even the words I use to describe and communicate concepts are showing themselves as bread crumbs to guide me along.  And confirming I was exactly where I needed to be all along, I was communicating correctly as I had begun to believe there was something “wrong.”  People were not understanding or connecting to my perspectives and wording.  But then the exact words I had been using showed up letting me know, I had been on the right track all along. It was always that I did not trust myself.  The confidence and self love needed to be cultivated.  Now standing in this energy and state of being, the reflection is seen.

These are the moments that excite me.  I prefer the flow rather than any other state of being.  The energy pulses through me, and I know something new is in the birthing process.  I am in the present moment of experience, and wow!  It is exhilarating.  I am just stepping into the story I was born to live! Greatness, full of new levels of experience, and a new embodiment of energy, have entered the field of consciousness.  The choice has been made, and this is the result of that choice. 

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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