You are the crystal city

Wowzers!  The communication is pouring in.  I mentioned in a previous blog, my vision of walking in a gorge surrounded on both sides by mountains.  I was continuing a journey towards a clearing where a blue, green, silver, and gold DNA pattern extended from the ground into the sky with a crystal city inside of it.  As I got closer, I could feel the vibration pulse in my body.  As of two days ago, I am inside of the DNA, which is now dark blue; it has something to do with how I communicate and share my perspective and the way I experience, but this has yet to be clarified.  The clear message is that I am in the process of rebirth, a rewriting of my DNA underway.  Several other meditations confirm this rebirth, the death of the old is completing, and the rewriting has progressed, I am still gestating.  My current state is changing to match the vibration of the crystal city.  I am the crystal city; it symbolizes my new experience, one undistorted, my natural state of being.  This crystal city was the original template and energy I recall as a piece of me and my preferred experience. Over and over, I am shown the death of my many personas, all symbolizing transformation and the birth of the new.  Each has volunteered to release its data and combine it into the original, to shift its existence and change its fractal pattern into a new configuration, a return to the source. A depth of understanding of energy and the cycles of change continues to show itself.

While in meditation, the connection is clear, if I am willing to let go and allow, I will experience what I desire.  Breathing into the change and allowing is creating an atmosphere of effortless flow.  I am embarking on the next steps of metamorphosis.  Consistently learning to find my voice again, to trust my perspective, and not to allow my pre-teen ego to distract me.  My ego only wants to protect me, and for that, I am grateful.  But I am safe now, I am an adult and no longer require her judgment.  I have allowed a return to my authentic self by detaching from my survival mechanisms, those which cause the distortion away from the powerful master that I am.  A release of old energy has finally gone from a flow to a trickle. 

Every day I am feeling my being growing and the return to an undistorted experience through this physical body of my essence.  I have never experienced this state of being in a physical body that I can remember.  However, there is something so comforting about the feeling, as if I recall this.  This experience is everything I have been waiting for, this moment, this is the choice.  To make this state of being my reality.  That is always the choice.  Because it is our internal state of being that reflects out and manifests the experience and relationships with the environment.

The last months have been a focus on agreements and a reworking of responses.  Again, we are at a choice point; there are many agreements to be made that will create our future.  When we make those choices based on the love that we are, we create a reality that matches.  When we let our egos dictate us through fear, we create realities that match.  Most of us are living through our wounds and detachment; it is time to understand ourselves at a depth we have never ventured.  This awareness is where the answers lie.  When we can understand our fears when we can change the relationships with our environments with new choices creating a new state of being. This all is just physics; frequencies match frequencies, we make it so complicated. 

So, what is it that I desire?  What is it that you desire?  I can imagine a world without fear, where we support each other, one based in love without conditions.  That world begins with each of us.  When we create that state of being inside ourselves, it is reflected in the world.  One step in change is the choice, the choice to love yourself, to have compassion for yourself, and to allow the change by facing the fears that will come to the surface.  Face each fear with love and compassion; we are only doing what we have learned to do generation by generation based in fear; it is not anyone’s fault.  But it is our responsibility to make the changes that we are now aware.  A conscious awareness with compassion and allowing is the key.  This journey is only about you, no one else. Just as Gandhi implied, be the change you wish to see in the world.  And I am saying, be the change you desire to experience because you are the creator.  You are the universe. 

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I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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