Danger is real, fear is a choice

I remind myself, beware of the distractions.  They are everywhere, and what I see others attempt to manifest is almost all ego-based.  I have lived 42 years blindly, allowing the ego to control my life.  And when I look at my ego, it is admitting I have been living my life from the perspective of a teenage mind. It’s no one’s fault, that was my programming, and life experience caused generational programming until now. I held much knowledge and am tremendously intuitive, the perspective that I filtered this information through vacillated between my spirit and my mind. As the cycles and planetary alignments carry forward and I expand, so does my perspective.  The way I viewed one situation last year is viewed from a whole new perspective today.  I am always changing and always evolving. Yesterday’s perspective is not the same as today’s. 

In our relationships, we only view others from the perspective we previously interacted with and experience with them.  That is a part of the distraction.  If I am evolving, then so are you.  I can experience new versions of those whom I love when I am allowing the universe to take me into the relationships with my environment and not forcing due to my ego agenda and ideas that no longer serve me. I thank my ego for all the protection it has provided me to date; I soothe it and allow it to rest.  I got this, let’s find a balance I say to her.  I am grateful to have you, but we need to do this together, and YES! We are safe now. 

Our higher selves, source, the universe whatever ideas support your beliefs, do not have judgment.  It is us who compare; it is we who judge.  These pieces of ourselves do not wish to see us suffer, but they also know everything flows and transforms.  They do not care what you choose; we always get exactly what we need.  Whether we do it in this lifetime or twenty lifetimes across multidimensional experiences, we cannot screw it up.  The question always remains the same: what do you prefer?

And when considering this, what do I prefer, I evaluate my beliefs.  Do I make choices based on fear, or do I make choices based on what I prefer?  If I choose the energy of fear, I will manifest a reflection of self that is based on that energy. When I look around and see the prevailing energy, of which I had been told was coming in 2020, I see the exact agreements that I have been working to understand and release to date to choose what I prefer in this now. I literally was being readied for this time. It is a choice point for us ALL. I am at that choice point, and so are you. This year will bring the most significant change based on our choices.  We are deciding what the collective energies and creation will look like for the next thirty years. The choice of love over fear and judgment has never been more crucial if that is what you prefer, and I know I do. 

I can always make new choices in the next now, but I recognize the energies and planetary alignments are accelerating and strengthening our manifestations in linear time within the simulation.  I desire to catch THIS wave! My guidance keeps nudging me to mention the biology and psychology of the human body.  I am shown the groups I joined due to my need to belong and to seek that validation I believed I needed.  There is a necessity to understand how we end up in cults, groups, relationships, and situations where we are taken over by the energy of the whole.  I am reminded of the Salem witch trials, David Coresh, organized religions, new age and ascension groups, and other systems of belief the divide us.  These are systems that have an “us versus them” message.  They can be from the most subtle to the most over the top, but this is where we check ourselves.  This is another example of the agreement.  We agree with them because of our biology of belief.  How we will allow our beliefs to be infiltrated, and our energy becomes a part of the prevailing energy, we do not shift them; they shift us through agreement.  It is time to know who we are, to love without conditions, and remain firm in the love that we are. 

While I know I will be making significant changes from inside some of the organizational structures; it has been presented again and again to stay aware of the distractions.  The rabbit holes that only distract me from the energy of the love that I am.  If I allow any fear in and do not stand firm in my knowing and depth of self-love, the distraction has me.  And even that is okay; it just is NOT what I prefer.  I do not care much for detours unless it is a scenic route filled with beauty, what I consider beauty.  As I write that, I am again reminded it is all a matter of perspective.

So as it is time to grow up! To stay aware of the triggers and honor me enough to make choices to play in areas that bolster my growth.  I am reminded of something a friend said to me, the redwood does not grow in the desert.  I love myself enough to choose to gift myself with energies that create an environment that I can grow in.  To maintain and engage in relationships with those who support one another and grow with a mature perspective based on love and removal of the condition-based comparison belief structures.  These relationships in my environments are not fear-based, they are each strong and pure in their sense, and as they work through their agreement with responsibility, they do not project onto anyone.  We fearlessly look deeper into the construct and system of the world, understanding the reflection of being.

As I grow up, I choose the love that I AM.  I allow the energy of my choices and beliefs to engage the energies of change.  Releasing all resistance, I choose me; I choose to face what I prefer with complete responsibility for my decision and response.  I am growing up and finally training to be the Jedi Master with a choice. My resilience and bravery take me into the unknown and allow my alignment to flow. I know the reality of danger and the illusion of fear.

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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