Riding the waves of choice

This last week since my previous blog has been quiet, introspective days.  The days have been an analysis of focus and new choices.  In my responsibility, I approach as the ability to respond with the awareness of my state of being.  By shifting my responses, I have changed my state of being and so my reality. 

New information continues to show up to be integrated.  The key has been to be open to it and not allowing the old programming to carry me away into past experiences.  By standing firm in who I am and making conscious choices in every minute, I continue to shift my experiences. While something in me wants to react and carried on with the same old, same old, I will not allow for it.  Standing in my being of self-love, I chose to refocus and change my agreements.  I am letting, no longer focusing on the what-ifs or the negative perspectives.  Embracing the knowing that I am the universe, and I am taking myself exactly where I need to go.  If I am unhappy with the experience, change the perspective and choice, but to always trust and release the judgment, it is that manifests more of itself to match. 

It is my agreements that allow the energy to penetrate my being; this then reflects the reality and my relationships with my environments.  Each of us is facing the changes in the self at such a profound and never explored level.  We are removing all of the learned programs that created distortion.  It is difficult to let go of the old experiences, but we must if we are ready to experience anew.  The focus on the past responses, pains, and fears surrounding all experience only creates more of the same.  As I have stated, everything is a reflection from within.

If we agree to fear, we will create more experiences based on that fear.  If we agree to judgment, we will create more distortion that matches that frequency.  The same is true for any agreement, agree to love and create a state a being that is in alignment with our core nature of love. For the first time in human experience, we are aligned with conscious exploration.  And every choice matters! 

Moving into this love while remaining open and flowing with acceptance will take to a new reality altogether.  But as I have stated, it is a choice.  It is an agreement.  Today I agree that whatever enters my reality is precisely what is meant to.  I am a victim to nothing outside of myself; it is my agreements, choices, and state of being that creates my environment sets the stage for the next opportunity through experience.  With this, I agree with the depth of self-love and honoring of my divine being that allows for a creation that matches that energy.  Fear has had its day, and I have experienced all I have ever desired.  To view the world through a dualistic state is a choice; there is no duality in reality; it is a perception based on judgment. Today I choose to make new choices, to respond with awareness and a focus on love and a release of all fear.  With these new choices, I allow the new energy I have created to open the door.  This door leads to something I could not even have dreamed of; it is the release of the dream and standing in the desired state that allows for the new creation of experience. An awareness and questioning of beliefs are upon us. If I find myself focusing on what I do not want, I quickly focus on what I do.  We must be what it is we desire to experience.  Be love and allowing, let go of fear, while riding the waves of our expansion through choice. 

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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