No luggage needed for this adventure

The energy of judgment has been the dominating force for many centuries, but this is finally shifting.  What I was once accepting of and oblivious to has come front and center to be seen.  This energy is so uncomfortable because it is not in alignment with who I am at my core.  Enough layers have been removed that I can now feel my essence and soul being.  With the removal of the layers, my understanding of focus as the observer is realized.  It was me who created and agreed to the distortion.  It was never anything outside of me; it was my agreement to things that created the reality I blindly created.  That being said, I can not know my light and darkness without one another, and each experience serves an essential purpose in my expansion and being.

Generation after generation, I have seen westernized ideas accepted as forward-thinking while remaining illusioned by the beliefs that kept me going through the motions.  From this state, I create more of the same and never fully recognize that is it the mind that is creating my reality.  As a society, we have been immersed in fear. In observation, I realize this fear as the main staple of belief, paired with a focus on the negative I create more of the same. 

Even though the judgment is so painful, I have taken it on as a survival mechanism.  I retracted the beautiful colors and energies of the love that I AM back into myself and accepted the distortion.  This retraction has been a part of my survival.  In doing so, I believed I was detached and so always seeking to find what I felt was missing. From a desire to learn meditation because I thought I was doing it wrong, my need to connect to a higher self which was me all along, or a desire for healthy relationships of which I already had but for some reason looked beyond; it was a constant seeking for something that I already experienced without recognition or gratitude.  My true self was there all along.  There was a prevailing idea and focus on more; this seeking was based on the belief that I was not enough. 

There was never anything missing; it is always there; it is my focus and belief that created the illusion.  When I step back into the pure energy of knowing, trusting, and loving who I know I AM, I begin to embrace the alignment I have sought outside of my being.  It is in the seeking and judgment that begins the illusion.  It is in the opposite, loving and accepting, that I feel my entirety once again.  When I am not in alignment with the love that I AM, this is reflected in my reality.  It presents itself as a constant seeking of something that I already have.  Although at that moment I am out of touch with it, it remains, it never leaves me.  It is I who has chosen to believe and agreed to something that is a lie.  While in this state of being, I create a reality and a focus to match.

The destination is the journey.  The journey is much easier when I put down all the suitcases I continue to carry on every new adventure.  The energy that continues to enter our reality through planetary alignments and frequencies is allowing me to see what was previously out of phase, all of my luggage!  As a child is in the present moment, so must I be. A child does not fear or worry about yesterday; they do not carry all the luggage from experience to experience; they are present and ready for the next adventure with only the love that they are. They have not agreed to judgment or fear; their state of being is the focus.  And so I put down all of my luggage and focus on my state of being, which is love.

Interestingly there is a study on fear and what fear is learned or naturally present at birth.  The only fear that is present when we are born is a fear of falling and a fear of loud noises.  The response in infants determined the theory of this research.  So, I look at the fears I carry in my luggage, a few of which are my own.  They have been taught and thus learned.  Not only was I carrying my luggage but the luggage of others. I have consented and agreed to this because of the illusion.  The judgment and illusion of detachment from the self have created many responses that do not serve my preferred experience.  No one and nothing outside of me can change this.  It is my responsibility, which is my ability to respond.

Today I acknowledge the letting go of the luggage I carry.  I am in the present moment standing firmly in the love that I AM while trusting and knowing everything is as it is meant to be in this now.  And wow, does it FEEL AMAZING!  These are the moments I desire most.  The dance can sometimes create an illusion that takes away from our knowing, but it is the love of the experience that opens the door to releasing resistance, this acceptance and release of judgment allow for a return to the love that I AM.  The days of judgment as a ruling state of being are dwindling as each of us steps into the love that we are.  The more I focus on the love of self, the more it begins to break down the energy of judgment.  By releasing the judgment of self, I release the judgment of others.  I AM the love I wish to see in the world. I love my luggage and all of the experience but it is time to live a minimalist lifestyle. Love is my foundation.

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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