We are the ships traveling to the experience we prefer

I am constantly reminded at every turn that everything I experience is a reflection of me, my state of being.  My reaction or response to situations, my focus, my beliefs, my feelings, these all create my now moment.  My meditations continue to show me that everything is not as I have been taught, it is my perception that shapes my environments.  Over the years I have explored many philosophies, teachings, and concepts, and while each played a role in the moment, the choice for a new experience is upon me.  By letting go of these old beliefs I allow for new energy to create a new reality.

We learn through experience, but we have been taught to judge those experiences from many different perspectives.  Sometimes these perspectives present themselves as new but are just a twist on old energy that eludes us.  By focusing here, we continue to create more of the same.  Nothing happens to us; we are creating it.  I realize this is a difficult pill for many to swallow; it was for me time and time again, I wanted to blame others.  But eventually, through play with my reality, I discovered every single interaction and experience was based on my energy and beliefs.  I came into this life with specific energies, those attracted me to my parents, and the cycle of energy continued.

Our conscious evolution in these physical bodies is about recognizing how we create through our state of being.  I saw this in everything this last year, from my thyroid deteriorating from stress to my body remaining in a state of inflammation as a result of continuing to put things that my body did not agree with into it.  These were representation my body was communicating; this was also happening in my reality through choices.  The communication is evident all around us.  Not in an “I feel dark energy” type of sense.  But what is my belief system that has created this feeling? Nothing can come into our reality that is not a match in some way.  When we stop putting ourselves in situations that do not bolster our growth, when we stop putting things into our bodies that are not in alignment with its balance, we begin to see the change and experience a new.

Everything is a frequency matching to us.  If it shows up, it is a match. It reflects our focus, our ruminating thoughts, and our beliefs that lie just below the surface. I was taught at a core level to focus on the negative.  My experiences created the belief that I was not good enough.  When I thought of specific experiences in my life, I felt shame and embarrassment.  I learned my value was based on the approval of others, and that reflection from them determined who I was.  The universe showed me that these core belief systems had been my focus, and in turn, I have created an experience that reflects those beliefs.  When I began loving myself, and no longer viewing or judging any experience with shame or embarrassment, the energy started to shift.

As I determine and embrace who I am from the inside out and release the beliefs around what that should look like, something new comes through.  My shadows become amazing tools of wisdom and growth rather than something I should judge and push away.  My experience in recognizing my focus on the negative allows me to observe every thought and shift my perception.  I create from the inside out, the world surrounding me, and all of those relationships in it changes.  By allowing and letting go of judgment of the experiences, it shifts into more of the love that I am. 

Some time ago, I experienced cycles of disappointment and betrayal, and I believed it was because I didn’t have boundaries.  That I needed not to allow people so close, that protection was the issue.  But as this new energy enters, my perspective has shifted.  By loving, trusting, and knowing myself, I stand firm in who I am.  I can allow anyone near me, and I can share because that is a part of who I am.  With the confidence and love of myself, I let go of their actions, they have nothing to do with me.  To reduce my sharing of self would be denying my authenticity.  It isn’t boundaries that I lacked on the outside; it was the love of self I lacked on the inside.  My untrusting nature within myself created a match in those whom I attracted.  My ability to retreat into myself and isolated created situations where I attracted those who did the same.  My inability to boldly communicate by facing what was really going on by reaching out to shed light on the perspectives and miscommunication that created situations is where time and time again, I attracted those who had the very same energy as me. In the end, no one reached out to communicate; only blame was projected instead of responsibility. 

It was always there right in front of me.  My belief that others knew more than me and my seeking for the answers through them only kept me locked in a cycle.  Until now,  where awareness is the key and making the change is the choice.  If we desire this new world, it begins with each of us living the frequency of this change.  Not telling others to do this or that, but us living it, loving ourselves fully.  If we can not love ourselves fully, we will not create that in our relationships and the world around us.  This love shows up in many ways.  It is all love; it remains an energy that is distorted based on perceptions and beliefs within this reality.

It is time to return love to its natural state—the state of experience we prefer.  We can do this by having compassion and patience for ourselves.  Treating ourselves as if we would an innocent and perfect child because that is who we are.  Each of us is perfect and beautiful; it is our beliefs and perceptual filters that create the illusion otherwise. Learning to love all of our pieces and parts, to forgive ourselves, to recognize everything has its place, and it is only our judgment that creates a specific relational experience.  The energy is calling for us to focus on the love and compassion of self like never before.  The reflection is apparent as this new energy of love is grounded and becomes tangible in this reality.  If you are feeling something that feels out of alignment, first go within and see what you might be agreeing to that is not supportive of the love that you are and the experience you prefer. Only you can make the change by accepting responsibility with love and compassion.

 We are the ships; we are traveling, as above, so below. It is with this quantum thinking, knowing our state of being is taking us to those exact coordinates in space and time.  We are creating it in this now.  That is what “be the change” means.  We create by being.  I prefer love and happiness, so for me, I will be love and joy, releasing all old beliefs otherwise and live in the state of being I wish to see in the world. Love by getting present, with gratitude and compassion, journey into the unknown.   

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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