Into the unknown

As the song, “Into the Unknown” continues to play in my mind, as it has for almost a month, I recognize I am transforming into something I have never experienced.  I have said, my relationships with my environment, including the people and everything within my conscious awareness, is based on the reflection from within.  That has been the premise and conclusion proven over and over through my conscious exploration and sharing.  As time passes, the universe communicates and confirms my hypothesis through experiences and the synchronistic dance of the environments and my interaction with them. 

A few days ago, I wrote about my meditations and what they were communicating.  There are experiences I have judged and hidden away.  I never learned how to process these experiences or the feeling that goes with them. Believing I had healed them by discovering the gift and role they played in my life, I thought they were released. While the experiences themselves were released and forgiven, it was the energy and feelings and judgment of them that remained.

I recognized these last weeks my natural attention to the negative, the pain, and the not-enoughness that I focus on in any given interaction or experience.  Due to learning to live this way since birth, I knew no different.  We can not change what we are unaware of.  While I knew my frequency attracted my reality and my state of being reflected out into reality. I was able to practice shifting my energy, and my environments responded.  I have been practicing this for the last few years and really proved it to myself this last year. Realizing and recognizing that it was my reaction to situations created more of the same, I continued to change my energy and chose something new. 

While this helps my everyday life and has allowed for an increase in self-esteem and confidence, there is still more I know resides within I could not access until now.  I have judgments and feelings hidden, things stowed away in places unknown.  It is their time to transform, as a rewriting of my frequency, is underway by exposing all these dark feelings of shame, guilt, and blame.  A rewriting of our current states of being; a change in frequency that is more in alignment with what I prefer is underway. 

This is the opportunity to allow everything to be birthed a new.  To allow those energies, I had stored away with shame to transform into the magic that they were meant to be before I judged them and hid them away.  The choice is in our perspective; the choice is to face the fears of our innermost recesses.  To love all of our pieces and parts and celebrate them as the magnificent piece and expression of source that we are.  Releasing all judgment of what that should look like, only loving and allowing what is. 

As I do this, those pieces of me begin to transform and integrate, continuing to transform me, my new expression, and experience of this reality.  As those pieces shift, I shift, and I create more of a state of being closer to what my soul desires to experience in this incarnation.  I embrace the beauty of it all, regardless of the approval of others.  This transformation is not something that has been experienced before by the collective.  The judgment of what it should look like is what keeps me locked into the old experience.

When I am unable to let go of all expectation and judgment, I remain in the boxes I have already created.  This new experience is something I have never experienced in any lifetime.  It is a release and embrace of all the energy—a complete metamorphosis into something new.  I will never allow it if I continue to seek approval of what it should look like or focus on the perception of others.  By loving myself and trusting myself completely, the transformation is successful.

This experience is all-new, and I  have no reference point.  There are only a few things I have been given to work with through my awareness.  They are how frequency, and how the state of being affects my relationship with my environment, and love.  Allowing the old programs to fall away has allowed for a rewriting of the data.  What this will look like as it transforms, I do not know.  I only know it is time.  I am in the chrysalis.  Some days I feel great and euphoric, others I am exhausted and feel sad, but through it all, I celebrate me and all my pieces and parts. I am a unique expression of source experiencing, and all my pieces and parts are love,  regardless of what they may appear to anyone outside of me.  I will never again deny or judge any piece of myself; I celebrate and love it all.

As I release the energy of judgment, and I spend more time in the frequency of love and acceptance, my fears come to the surface to be embraced.  The journey this last year has been preparing us for this moment.  The unique experiences of me, all my incarnations, and multidimensional expression through many perspectives are being birthed into a new beautiful creation. Excited I step into the unknown.  

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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