Inside the chrysalis

Wowzers, this energy is no joke!  From the newly awakened opening to more than this 3D reality to the deep energetic changes taking place for those warriors who volunteered to go first.  This energy is intensely moving, creating, transforming, and rebalancing.  My physical body is chemically altering while my psyche and energetic body shift through a metamorphosis.  It literally feels like the butterfly as the complete DNA sequence changes and rewrites itself transforming from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

A recent meditation showed the chrysalises of moths in hidden rooms of my tattered heart each birthing and flying free a few at a time.  And now a mass of them has birthed and is ready to fly free.  Through this transformation, I am reminded it does not have to appear any specific way, and the judgment of that plays a large piece and role here.  I focus on allowing.  Letting go of the resistance and standing in pure love and compassion of the self. 

I resist when it comes to pain.  The pain I feel when I experience the choices of others directed toward me that are veiled in fear and misinformation.  I have to remind myself it is okay to feel hurt; it doesn’t make me weak.  Allowing my feelings and emotions is what makes me strong; the latter is a programmed idea.  Their journey of these others has nothing to do with me, it is theirs alone.  How I respond is the key to my journey, my state of being determines everything.  It is okay to feel disappointment, it is okay to feel sadness.  These emotions do not make me weak; I feel sad; I am not sadness. It is my projection into the world and perceptions that need attention and restraint.

Allowing myself to feel and know it is all okay while going into my heart and loving myself remain the messages.  The meditations these last few weeks have told a story.  A story where exploration of emotions has comes front and center.  This space of awareness is where we are this week.  As I allow myself to feel and explore my feelings with acceptance, the fire enters and burns them away.  In this way, water becomes part of the air which then falls to the ground to grow and anchor the change. I am piloting an adventure, leading a journey into transformation.  One of my best traits is my bravery; I stand firm and brave in the face of this metamorphosis.

The last two nights have shown meditations around DNA, a spiral of a many stranded code that extends from deep in the earth far into the sky.  A crystal city resides in the center.  I am walking through a valley between two mountain ranges toward the blue, green, gold, and silver magnificent display.  The light and energy coming from this spiral are so intense I can feel it from miles away.  As I get closer, my body replicates the same DNA signature as the energy from the earth to the sky and the crystal city residing within.  I am going through a metamorphosis that is changing the chemical structure of my body entirely and the world surrounding me is a reflection of those changes. 

Everything is shifting.  Like a birth, I choose to breathe into it and stop resisting.  I stand in the love that I know I AM regardless of what others outside of me say they see or speak.  I recognize their perception is theirs alone and again, has NOTHING to do with me.  When I stop being so hard on myself the need to measure up releases entirely, I feel that ever so slight shift that opens the door to more of who I am. 

Today’s meditation thus far, because these last few days have allowed me to choose to go deep, shows me at a campfire in the night of the grand canyon.  I am alone surrounded, with the tall layers of earth that have been ground out by the waters of emotion. I see the tall beautiful cliffs surrounding me except for one opening with a short path out into the open green field.  I see many faces as huge shadows on the walls of the canyon around me.  They are detailed, male and female of all ages and ethnicities.  They are me, the many incarnations and experiences of this adventure in the realm.  They are here to impart their pieces of the puzzle, to release old wounds and to participate in the acceptance by allowing and assisting with the final release of resistance.  They are here to answer my questions.  Each resides within my heart and is an essential piece of my experience and expansion.  They are preparing me for the transformation.  They are a part of the rewriting of my DNA just like the butterfly in its chrysalis.  I am being reborn anew.

The exploration and allowing, releasing all fear, and breathing into the pain as I enable it to pass through me for its final integration and transmutation into love. The breath takes me closer to my final form.  The control I have here is to choose to love myself.  That is the only choice I can make.  The alternative would be to resist and slow the progress.  As the first wave that volunteered to captain a ship, I stand firm in the choice.  I know what is on the other side of this transformation.  All the sweat, blood and tears, LOTS of tears, is worth it.  See you on the other side.

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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