The observer creates

Yesterday my father proclaimed yet once again that there are three truths: his truth, my truth, and the real truth.  THE TRUTH IS, there is no truth.  Everything about this reality requires an observer, and when something is observed, it is filtered through many layers of psyche and soul experience.  Truth is in constant flux and perceptual evolution. 

Except for the mathematical scientific facts, which can be replicated over and over, proving to be deductive, the experience of life itself is inductive.  It can never be shown to be one way ALL the time considering all possibilities.  That is the beauty of the journey here in this realm and, most likely, the reason we have such a propensity for growth here.  We have infinite possibilities being perceived through more than 7.5 billion unique lenses that are in constant flux. 

My father continues this attempt to prove the bible is not correct and that God is not what his experience and perception of Christianity would have us believe.  EVERY time we speak, he goes to this place, getting worked up explaining to me why none of what he learned is true.  He argues his case, and I recognize it because I do it. A friend recently told me I sound like an attorney, really it’s mediation, and I will explain why in a minute, but so please bear with me.  When my father asks what I believe, after my explanation of who and what I know we are, he returns to his cycle of attempting to prove his truth with his old ideas. These beliefs and experiences had a place once, but his perception of these things is not accurate now and no longer has a place in his current experience.  We both have learned abuse under the veil of Christianity and the perceptions of those wielding it as a weapon of control.  But why does he feel the need to continue to prove something that he already knows the answer to in his heart?  Enter the battle between our parts and pieces.

Back to me, sounding like an attorney arguing my case.  It was in mediation, a battle between my mind and heart, seeking the resolution and compromise that both could agree to and settle.  When we let go of the pain that surrounds the experiences of these beliefs, it is much easier to find that balance.  We are making room for new possibilities when let go of the old ideas. We have to let go of the energy surrounding the olf beliefs; it keeps us trapped. This letting go of the old energy is something so easy that we make so tricky.  It is time to let go of the past, to forgive and release with love the ideas and experiences that keep us in this constant dialog of proving a “truth” that no longer exists. 

I have said, “you do not hear the words I say, and I do not hear the words you say,” it is our definition through experiences with words that create the meaning.  Some words are just culturally accepted and schemas created.  But others hold many meanings and can take us places beyond what the intention of the word was.  A few months ago, I asked someone if they “escaped” something. They did not hear “my meaning” of the word.  They heard “their meaning” of the word.  For me, escape is not negative; it stands for strength and knowing.  I have seen this person struggle with this word since I said it.  I watch as she is finding her way to the balance between her heart and mind while letting go of the old energy that word holds for her. 

There are things we communicate, that means something different for us than they mean for others.  I often struggle in this area; I have discovered many of the words I use when explaining or describing things hold a different meaning for me than they do for others.  So when I speak, I find others carried away by the energy of their perceptions of these words.  The meanings these words trigger causes a great deal of miscommunication.  In the past, I felt I was not responsible for clarifying, and maybe I am not always meant to provide clarity.  Like my friend with the word escape, it was something that triggered her and allowed her to look deeper creating that mediation allowing for a balance between her heart and mind.  The mind does not want to let go of the wound, the ego is such a piece that has protected us, but those forms of protection are no longer suitable in some areas.  We are safe, and it is time to allow the heart it’s full and rightful place in our reality.  The mediation is a return to the knowledge of the heart.

For my father, he will have to heal and let go of what he already knows is not true for him.  It doesn’t matter if it is anyone else’s truth.  He does not need to convince anyone else to go along with his truth.  He can accept it as his own and release the pain carried through those old beliefs that were filtered through fear.  This choice will finally allow his heart to step forward.  In this way, he will begin to live a new reality as his energy shifts.  When he realizes he doesn’t need the validation of others, allows the love and trust in himself, EVERYTHING will change.  How do I know?  Because I did it! My experiences and perceptions are unique to me, and while no, you won’t experience exactly what I do; there is a general formula that continues to prove itself a truth.  By changing your beliefs, it changes your energy; the result is a change in your reality.  It has been proven true by the laws of energy and conservation; we have only placed it useful with energies outside of us but we are an open system and it applies on many more levels.  However, energy is energy.  Deductive and inductive, a change will happen, the possibilities endless.  I can only prove what I have experienced through my perception.

All we require is open awareness; we are the observers creating the “truth,” and it is always evolving.  As my dearest friend says, slow or fast, we are always moving forward.  Whether I accept the knowing of my heart and mediate the balance with my mind or not, I still am moving forward and evolving; perception is everything. If my father remains in this dance with his mind and the approval of others or not, it is always perfect. However, there is a choice when we are an aware observer.  It is our belief that creates the observation.  Let’s change our beliefs to change the world.  So, if you are seeking the “truth,” you will have to be okay with what is true for you in this now, perception is everything.  Allowing each of us the space to experience our truth through our unique perspective is the vehicle of this journey in evolution, we are creating it all. 

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I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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