The lens that changes the world

The lens with which we view the world are neurological and learned.  We can observe things through a veil of illusion based on many things.  The key is awareness.  The experience within the realm is one of balance between the elemental being we have partnered with and our spirit being.  The balance is within the mind, the heart, and the ego while living in harmony and loving each piece and part of us with gratitude. An awareness will arise when you are ready, recognizing how we view the experience filtered by our state of being.  To know this and making a choice to work through the filter allows a new experience, one perceived through a new energy.  This energy doesn’t focus on what is wrong; it focuses on what is right.

I had an experience where someone told me I should be ashamed of myself because I was wounded and needed to apologize because of my wounds.  I have seen and experienced my wounds used as a weapon against me from birth. From the moment I entered this reality, I began the gift of this experience.  However, I did not always operate from this space. Just as I learned to view my world from a space of deficit, I can choose to see it from somewhere else entirely. Instead of choosing to focus on the pain, I can concentrate on my original beauty it all its forms.

I have had glimpses of experience without this filter.  I know what it feels like and how my perception of reality shifts; it is a blissful experience. I know this feeling is what it feels like to be in the natural undistorted frequency of me, I am in alignment and in a flow of energy that is in perfect synchronicity with the multidimensional universe.  When I am not in this space, I continuously find myself seeking how to get back there.  As if I am not already there.  I also forget my knowing in those moments.  In my seeking, I think, maybe if I talk to this person, they will give me the answer, or if I go on this fast, or try this new meditation, I will experience that feeling of being in perfect alignment.  It was always an attempt as I viewed myself from a deficit.  The physical manifestation is always a reflection of my internal turmoil.  And even that is perfect.  Because to determine what I prefer, sometimes I need to experience what I do not.

My experience is different than yours; I’d go as far as to say we are each within our individual realities.  I hear something different than what you say, and you hear something other than what I say based on this filter. For me, it is more often than not, a concentration on the negative. It is also an immature thought process. Many of us are just beginning to move beyond this as we evolve.  I can see and am experiencing the shift in perception as we move out of this darkness into the light.  But what I am also learning is we have viewed the darkness through that same filter of discrimination and stereotype.  We do not understand its necessity and have compared it to something it is not.  Both the dark and light are necessary. They are both beautiful and unique frequencies.  It is always our judgment and comparisons as observers that shapes things and our experiences of each energy.  It is the filter that does not allow us to break free and love that part of us that requires it the most. 

I used to feel as though my chameleon nature was negative.  That being a chameleon meant I was not strong or grounded in who I was, that I was, again, less than in some way.  But a great friend reminded me that this is my superpower.  Perhaps it is our filtered view of things that has us view these things from this almost constant negative perspective.  What if “my wounds” that someone told me I should be ashamed of are my greatest tools?  They are the building blocks of my superpowers! What if I am exactly as I am meant TO BE!

No longer operating from a deficit or viewing everything from a fear-based negative perspective, changes everything.  The belief that we are not enough or need to do this one thing to be who we are supposed to be is the illusion.  We are already perfect and amazing.  The things that happen do not matter, the frequency we hold, our state of being is what determines our reality.  When we stand in the knowledge of the truth of who we are, that we are each unique and special, honoring and loving each piece of our being, we are creating that alignment that feels so good.  When we choose things that are good for us, that support us, we create more of that.

I believed that I had to be able to live in chaos without feeling pulled into it; that is how I would make the change I wished to see in the world.  If I could hold my own vibration high amongst all of the hate and distortion, I was achieving something that took me closer to who I was.  Truth be told that belief was undoubtedly an illusion resulting in a lack of self-care and the belief that I was something I am not. It was based on the perceptions of others and through that validation, I felt whole.  That was also part of the illusion. Choosing to be in relationships and situations that provide love, nurturing, and support are what I need and now what I choose.  I believed I could use my love to break through the walls of those who operated out of fear.  Again, I learned that it wasn’t my job.  My job was to love myself and breakthrough my walls by recognizing the illusion and making a new choice.  It isn’t about my changing or assisting anyone else; it is about changing me.  Nurturing and loving me.

So, I ask you because I had to ask myself, what is your filter?  A change in focus and celebration of your love and beauty while operating from the perfection that you are something to consider.  I could see the beauty and awesomeness in everyone else but when it came to me, I continued to see through a veil of distortion.  Are you trying to create in everyone else what you need to recognize in yourself?  As we learn to love our selves without condition or judgment, we begin to reflect that out into the reality around us.  A match in frequency occurs and experience of that love is felt through others as well.  But it all starts with us. 

These changes we are going through allow us to see into ourselves wholly and completely.  We allude ourselves by believing we are not already whole and perfect.  We focus on the perceived belief of lack, and that is what we experience. As I stand firm and honor myself, I ask you to do the same.  This is how we make the changes to experience a world we prefer.  Today love yourself and then love yourself some more! THAT is exactly how we create more love in the world resulting in the changes we wish to see.

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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