Captain’s log

Captain’s log, February 12th, 2020, each time I sit to write this blog, I find it is about the stories we create in our mind.  Each reflection is on the science and personal experience that continues to reaffirm we are creating it all.  Yesterday’s blog, February 11, was about playing a new record.  Recognizing that as adults, we continue to use old coping mechanisms we learned as children that no longer serve us.  That each of us has a different record playing, and if we go within and ask ourselves how we feel, while recognizing it is only the experiences of others that allow for their choices, we can change that record we had playing.  With new beliefs come new realities.

There are unlimited possibilities; each lies within the choice of your next now moment.  There is no them against us or us against them.  It is no one’s fault; each of us is only working with the information we have available to us.  Like computers, we have been coded through experience and the capability of the brain to process the data.  The Buddha said, “With our mind, we create the world.”   It is the sense of lack and our insecurities that division arises.  These beliefs and false perceptions are where we create distortion.  These beliefs create the illusion, the illusion of separation and with this illusion of separation, we create the defenses that we believe will keep us safe.  The ego is only doing what it was designed for, to keep us safe when we were not capable of doing it consciously ourselves.  But we no longer need the childlike tactics the ego uses.  They once served us but no longer do.  It is time to tell the ego that we love her and appreciate that she kept us safe, but we will take it from here.

It is in the discovery of ourselves, learning compassion for ourselves, and to truly love us, that we find the love and compassion for others.  We can understand them because we know and see the same things in ourselves.  We extend the compassion we have for ourselves to others.  We can change the record we have playing, by taking a step inside and allowing the awareness of ourselves to take us deeper.  In understanding our feelings, where they stemmed from, or if they still have a place in our current reality, we can make a new choice, one that is in the energy of love of self.  Not self-love in an egoic sense, but self-love in knowing who you are with the compassion you deserve.  In doing so, we see this reflected in the world around us, and we view everyone with the compassion we all deserve.

Once we begin to observe the world from this space, we experience the shifts in our reality.  Remember, with the mind; we create the world.  Where can you look deeper, or shift your perspective to allow for a change that begins to create the reality you prefer?  Are you hearing things and seeing things through an old filter that keeps you locked into your current reality?  The interactions we have with the world around us, with our relationships, people and our environment allow us to observe the record playing in our minds.  For the longest time, I viewed the world through a lens of post-traumatic stress disorder; I felt as though I was always under attack.  My experiences have wired my mind to create this constant perception.  But it was up to me alone to change this.  With the experience of self-exploration, I removed this lens and created a new reality through my updated beliefs and what I was willing to agree too.

The main thread I have exposed through my conscious exploration was a thread of unworthiness or not-enough-ness.  The truth was I did not know who I was; I had learned to become the chameleon to survive by making those around me happy.  The second I began to explore myself further and shift my energy around people-pleasing; my relationships changed in turn.  Those who were previously a match to those old beliefs fell away and new people and things showed up as a match to my new beliefs and agreements.  I was able to solve real problems in my environment by understanding those around me and showing compassion.  Without judgment but with compassion, I recognized the choices and behaviors of others.  Armed with this new information, I could make positive choices that showed the individuals what their beliefs were creating.  With this new information, new decisions were made, and my and those involved realities changed yet again.  Together we faced the energies and beliefs that were triggering us, without judgment but with compassion, and decided there was another way.

Perhaps it is time to let the old beliefs and survival tactics fall away and try something new.  In this game of realities controlled by the mind, you are player 1.  Let your relationships show you about you.  By loving, honoring, and trusting yourself, you will allow the same for others.  This energy will ripple out into the world surrounding you.  Today, play the game with new tools.  Play it consciously aware and with love.  We once were only trying to survive, but now the time is here to thrive!  It is all in a choice.

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I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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