Hey DJ, let’s spin that new record!

Wow, I did not want to get out of bed TODAY!  I am both excited about the all of my expansion through the many epiphanies and available choices but also exhausted by all this energy.  Can you feel the quantum energy?  It is allowing us to explore all the pieces of reality.  Allowing us to see that it is us; it is ALL happening in our mind.  Our responses determine the next creation and each moment we have the choice. 

The energy is allowing us to see into ourselves if we choose too.  In this way, we take our power back as we determine what our immediate reality will look like in our now moment.  All those times when someone said something that “made” us feel something.  Yeah, that was a memory and learned response.  While those responses used to serve us in our old reality, they no longer do.  It is time to thank them and choose to replace these past responses with something new.

Recognize this is about you; it is ALL about you.  Everything else is the illusion.  No one makes you feel anything.  You allow it, and it isn’t someone outside of you; it is you.  You embrace the old energy that you used as a survival tool to make it through to the next moment.  This old choice was when you allowed the reality outside of yourself to have power over you; we didn’t know any better.  It was an unconscious choice and one that became neurologically wired into the brain.  But now, as we evolve, all of us is beginning to be exposed, we recognize the choice.  We are aware we have agreed to it all along and are ready for a new experience.

The next time you feel ANYTHING that you do not desire.  Look deeper into yourself.  Recognize what you are feeling and track it back to where this feeling began.  Understand that while yes, this feeling was valid then, you have a choice now.  Maybe it is time to retire the decision we make that allows that old record to play again and again.  It is time to put on a new record.  One that is about just how loveable and amazing you are! Let that be your new record!  Play it over and over until that becomes the new record that gets wired into our brain.  Awareness of this as the new choice that serves who you are today holds the key. 

If someone disrespects you, stand up for yourself.  Hold your space with love for you both. Do not allow yourself to feel less than, as those old wounds are touched once more.  And if someone comes to you and says, “I don’t mean to start anything but…so and so said this and so and so did that.”  They ARE starting something, attempting to trigger your old responses. This tactic is where they get their power; that is how they feel important because somewhere along the way, they felt like they were not. This is what plays in their mind and is a learned survival mechanism.  We are ALL doing it.  It isn’t ANYONE’s fault.  Allow these situations to show you how it is ALL IN YOUR MIND.  You might not have realized it but we have been playing grade school games.  It is time to grow up and mature. By leaving the programs that served us well behind, we make room for something new.  Tear down the old beliefs and embrace the truth.  We are each unique, entirely lovable, and always enough.  We are the gods we have been waiting for, take your power back. 

No longer that helpless child.  We have grown up, and we are responsible for making the choices now.  We do not need to survive merely.  It is our new choice to thrive.  It is all happening in your mind.  YOU ARE THE DJ!  What record will you play today?   

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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