The Arcturians, we have gone galactic

Wow, have things gotten FUN!  This Quantum New Moon and the Aquarian energy have allowed us to go galactic! This energy is opening the door to see the many expressions of who you are and how we create in this reality.  Your state of being on the inside dictates your experiences on the outside in “this” simulation.  In other realms, we do not share a space with another being; in this realm, we inhabit an elemental being which is the physical body. In our beliefs, this elemental responds and we must learn to exist in balance.  While I can say we are all source beings, there is much more happening than meets the eye.  This simulation is very multidimensional in its dynamic layers of experience. Perspective is always the key.  What appears from one perspective creates the paradox of another.  We can appear to be alone physically but are never alone, someone is just outside of our frequency, and this is an example of perspective as a paradox.  My story and recent pieces of the puzzle have finally come together for what may seem out there to some, but for me, it is just Saturday. 

First, let me start with a little history.  I am pure love and compassion.  Over the last couple of years, I have had to learn boundaries and protection through experience.  I always assumed everyone else was this same love and compassion and desired to live from this space by removing all veils of illusion. I am not sure if other people do not love everyone; I know I always do.  Even the worst of the worst and those who have hurt me deeply.  There is nothing in me that changes when it comes to love.  I may have a few moments of disappointment or even anger but the love is always there.  Each and EVERYONE of us is worthy of love.  It is our belief that we are not worthy that creates the suffering and in response a sharing of it with others through the veil of our pain.  I have NEVER made ANY choice that was not based on love. If you are reading this and believe it to be otherwise, it is a projection of your wound not mine.  That being said, I did grapple with understanding why I loved so deeply and without conditions, I felt like there was something “wrong” with me.  It turns out it is what is right with me, and one of the reasons I volunteered to play here on earth. My children show me when they are crabby or miserable; they reflect that onto me.  I never question who I am or my intentions with them.  My experiences with others when it comes to sharing my way of expression through love and compassion is no different.  Their reflections were affecting me and I was beginning to question myself.  However, through this, I learned to have boundaries and protection.  NOT to allow others to project onto me, in turn, I learned to TRUST, HONOR, and LOVE myself thoroughly.  How do I know for sure?  My recent explorations finally revealed a truth I have been chasing for years.

When I was a child around five years of age until about twelve years old, I was visited and taken by someone sometimes weekly, sometimes a few times a year.  The being who took me was always slightly out of full view; I could see its face, which reminded me of something wearing a Zoro mask.  I was never afraid, but I remember being agitated and frustrated.  This Zoro masked being, and a few others were doing something with my biology and I recall it having something to do with my DNA, it reminded me of skin, run, and rerun, and this repeated experience made me irritated.  My feelings were always this feeling like I was performing something and they were grading me during this process.  There was something they or I was perfecting, and it needed to measure up. My frustration and irritation with the process were all I could feel and focus on at that time.  The first time I saw a picture of a grey alien, it all came together.  I only saw the eyes, which looked like a mask.  I always knew these particular greys, the ones who came for me, where biological suits if you will.  They were a biological/mechanical hybrid vehicle capable of entering this space of reality to “do work.”  And they were here to make sure I was assimilating and integrating into my physical body on earth the way I was meant to during my time within this particular body.  “I” am actually having many lifetimes during this lifetime, it is complicated and like I have said dynamic.  I will save the details of this story for another day but I mention it because I must discuss how I came to finally put the pieces together leading up to the New Moon. 

I have been an avid meditator for many years.  I began consciously meditating when I was eighteen years old.  When I say meditation, I should probably say astral travel, but I start from a state of meditation.  It was the astral travel part that made me feel like I was “doing” meditation “wrong.”  I could not just clear my mind and stay that way, the second I reached that state, off I went to “other” places.  Not thoughts, not the monkey mind, but I traveled and saw things I had no previous reference.  It took me letting go and releasing the mind and her complexity to find the simplicity of it all.  This journey brought me to past life regression and life between life journeying.  In my journey into my past life regressions, I discovered how time and my soul essence worked.  There is a piece of me experiencing several lives at the same time.  Not here in 2020 on this timeline but spread throughout many times running concurrently with my experience.  After exploring my past lives, I was taken to my life between life to experience beyond the veil of this reality.  Except when I left my body, I went back to a ship, not the “other” side.  While I was able to get to the other side to explore how this reality works, and so much about frequencies, I was to make a point to find out why I went to a ship first. 

In this exploration, I discovered everything is realms connected to realms, creations and creations; there was no “escape hatch.”  It was in this experience that I finally understood we are all the source expressing and experiencing itself in many ways, not just here on earth in this realm but infinite realms and experiences through many different frequencies of expression and experience.  At first, I got depressed; for about a year, I wondered what the point was.  My perspective was one based on fear; once I chose something else, my perspective shifted and the simulation opened up for me to experience from a new perspective.  One where I would journey to discover who I was beyond just being source experiencing itself.  Again I had to learn to let go of the complexity and relax into simplicity.  I learned to let go of the identities I had taken on here in this incarnation and returned to my essence.  At the same time, I would not play into the idea of ascended masters or any other beings outside of me; I knew never to give my power away.  I viewed them as me and they are representations of me.  I had to let go of all identity before I was permitted to explore the bigger piece of me directing my journey here in this life and the simultaneous lives I am experiencing.

I never revisited the ship that I returned to during my life between life and didn’t give it more thought until recently.  Although I had beings show up in many meditations teaching me and consoling me from time to time, i was uncertain who they were or if it even mattered. I had learned and confirmed that they are Arcturians.  This last week it was finally revealed, a friend of mine, always here to guide me towards the direction I need, helped open the door.  The Arcturians showed themselves in their entirety, their connection to me, and took me back to the ship putting the pieces together for me.  They showed me how I am an Arcturian exploring this realm through many lives simultaneously.  Most importantly, they allowed me to see that yes, we are all the source; everything is the source, that I have a dimensional representation of source that is Arcturian.  My Arcturian self has entered many incarnations, and when I am done with this exploration, that is where I will return.  I am always tethered to the Arcturian expression of source, which is a larger part of me.  I am androgynous, and light, exploring here on earth through technology.  I am a volunteer who came to earth to share and spread a frequency. 

While I got lost in all of my other incarnations, the pieces of information I needed in those expressions filtered to me here, finally, I have not allowed the illusion to take hold and get lost within it.  We get lost in the identities, emotions, and illusion of suffering.  Getting lost in the illusion is terribly uncomfortable because it is out of alignment with our natural state of being.  We have learned to seek comfort on the outside rather than shifting our behaviors and making new choices on the inside.  The nonalignment are the veils of distortion we have agreed to as our truth.  It creates a realm of illusion that pulses from our internal state of being into our reality.  If we look into the beliefs and state of being, we will find the choice to return to our true essence.  In making these choices, our reality reflects the new.  As we begin to see our true core frequency beyond the illusion, we find our true selves.  In this, I recognize I am never alone, the bigger piece of me that I have descended from is shaping the path always showing me the choice.  Relaxing into my being and trusting how I open the door for so much more of the experience of my intended exploration.  While I can never do it wrong, I can create an experience that is more in alignment with what I prefer. 

The final message from the Arcturians was that I do not need to belong somewhere here.  I am never alone, so I need not feel lonely.  Most importantly, I am always connected; it is an illusion otherwise.  I am pure love expressing itself, to trust myself and my perspective even though it does not look like ANYONE else’s viewpoint.  They too are on the return to their essence.  Many of us volunteered to come into this realm to bring the frequency of pure unconditional love.  Stay the course; remember who you are, and TRUST it.  And now let the reality reflect that truth.  That is the technology of frequency within this simulation. 

We have gone galactic, the energies and our choices have allowed us to see we have already made contact.  We are the ones we have been waiting for.

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I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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