Losing my identity, the dance between dimensions

I met with two dear friends.  We get together every few weeks to discuss our experiences.  As we talked about all the fun things going on, I felt this need to ask more questions attempting to get to a depth of myself through the experiences of others.  This conversation took me to a strange sensation of experiencing the world between the dimensions.  I began processing the chat after we were disconnected, coincidentally not, right at the end of and on the precipice of a new topic.  It was now time to process the reflection.  In perfect synchronicity, I moved to the next message which brought my awareness to the dance.

Our conversation was about understanding the self and who we become through life experience.  These last few months have been about a return to the core essence of self.  This is a discovery and journey into self-love rooted in our being and has been at the forefront of the minds of many who are experiencing an evolution.  I have had a motivation to explore myself and my actions, the subconscious behaviors I engage in but was previously unaware.  The subconscious and my fragments of self, continue to come to the surface to be seen and sorted through one by one. As I work through these pieces of self, I choose where they go and how I can shift them if I feel the need. Through new choices I create new experience and understandings that lead to awareness and removal of layers of filters with which I had previously viewed the world.  During our conversation, I continued to have this strange feeling my ego wanted to equate as not-enough-ness but I did not allow it; even in the awkward energy, I persisted.  I continued to ride the wave of energy and allowed it to show me what it was revealing.

When I was a child, I used to see people at night.  Just between the wake and sleep state.  Right at that moment where my mind is open to see but my subconscious does not have full control.  At this stage, my left and right brain are still operating but my veils are released so I can experience the physical senses in a somewhat conscious state.  From childhood, I learned to fear these apparitions and had no direction of use or what it meant for me.  Eventually, my fear turned to anger, and I wished the experiences away; until recently.  Suddenly I have had these apparitions show up again.  It is as if I am seeing into another world that is carrying on and they in this new world am unaware I see them.  Almost like the world within worlds, this might be described as frequency changes.  Something that is slightly out of frequency with our reality.  

During the conversation with my friends, I could feel myself vacillate between the frequencies.  Frequencies with veils removed and frequencies with all the learned behaviors present.  It was in the conversation itself where I saw the most, one where I was in observation of core essence and one where there was a focus on identity.  The identities we learn through life experiences that we take on and believe to be “who” we are.  The dance was one step into the core essence of self, releasing all the beliefs, and one step back into identities and the person.  This vacillation felt like a tug of war.  In a moment of weakness, I gave in to the self and the identities, then suddenly I was thrust into feeling and sensing my core.  This dance continued to show me how my human experience is always morphing and changing through an agreed-upon identity.  Most importantly, it was showing me there was something beyond it.

We learn who we are through the reflection of others, not only what we think they see, but what we think we should look like to them.  It is in lifetimes of interactions and experiences that our identities are formed.  But none of this is who we truly are. I do not identify as a heterosexual female.  Beyond that is an androgynous being who pulses with love, this being morphs and changes as needed but not situationally in the way we think of it here.  I put on and agree to different identities to experience within this realm and through this experience, my core essence grows in light and light is information.  Through our conversation, a focus of my core being was exposing itself.  It is reminding me of who I truly am, and just how beautiful and amazing that is.  It doesn’t need to fit in anywhere here because the truth is who I am is beginning to experience from a new perspective, a change in frequency being created by a release of the veils of identity.

A release of all of the identities, recognizing I am not the doer, through this, I see that the things I do, and none of this defines anything about me. My new perspective is through my core essence.  I am mastering how to experience without taking on and believing the illusion.  The belief that this is all that is here, what our few recognized senses are showing us is when we get lost in the illusion.  When we are sucked in by the belief that we are anything because of anything or anyone outside of us, we are in and consumed by the illusion.  As I let go of all of the control I have been taught was safe and necessary, I feel myself shift into my core.   

Returning to this state has opened the door for me to experience from this perspective closer to my essence.  I have removed more veils and in doing so, opened the door to experience another world previously closed to me.  Right now, I am only able to see when I am in this relaxed conscious state but clearly I am able to feel it. As I continue to let these identities and agreements fall away and I embrace my core essence, I shift my frequency allowing for an exploration of new worlds.  Dare I say it, I am becoming ascended and a master of this realm.  But for now, I dance between the dimensions. 

~ A thank you to my dear friends who allow me to explore their consciousness as a reflection of my own.  We are the same, but each of us one facet of the diamond.  Your perspective allows me to expand mine.  Lots of love, ALWAYS.

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I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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