The way of the Mandalorian

I went with my family to see Frozen II this weekend.  Tears came to my eyes when several scenes confirmed my current experiences.  This confirmation is an everyday occurrence in my life; the universe is in constant communication with me.  Since then, the song “Into the Unknown” continues to play in my head, randomly popped on my television and has shown up on my computer.  This episode isn’t the first time; communication has always been here.  Finally, I hear and see it, communication with self from what I perceive as “outside.”  A reminder that I am never alone.  If I listen and follow with the balance of heart, mind, intuition, and the universe I will always go exactly where I need to.  Right now, it is into the unknown.  And wow, am I excited!

Over the last two years, I have fallen out of love with the spiritual communities.  I have discovered them to be a distraction for myself and once I recognized it a distraction for many.  Though I have met some AMAZING people through these groups and have established a couple of life long healthy friendships, there is one thing I continue to see that disturbs me.  Well, several, who am I kidding… But it is what I needed to learn. What remains to come up is this sense of belonging and the division I often see over and over again; us against them stance.  This behavior is rooted in the psyche and has been for generations upon generations. 

There is a belief that my way is the “right” way.  A few of us get together or attract matching frequencies, and we feel that deep sense of belonging we desperately desire.  We crave a connection with others, and it is because they are a piece of us, and we long to be whole again. What we do not realize is we are complete in every way, deep beneath the distortions that lifetimes upon lifetimes have created within our frequency, and in this way, it is so damn tricky for us see. It is in our beliefs and choices that we remove these veils of illusion giving us the capability of experiencing our wholeness that was always there nudging us. It’s just that from time to time, we get lost in the distractions on our way to experiencing our true essence.  This need to belong and be around others like us is about affirming we are oaky, that we are in fact, WORTHY.  And “that” is okay.  But if you are reading this, I am here to remind you, there is always a choice. Any outside validation you desire will continue to create more distortion within and without. 

Through the separation of us against them in organized religion throughout the centuries, we have experienced this outcasting of anything that does not fit a specific mold. In this way, we continue to reaffirm the separation within. In my experience, the spiritual community is no different.  Perhaps this was the experience I needed for my shift; I am confident it was.  For some, it is again another repetition of the same righteousness that has plagued humanity here on earth.   When we continue to choose to cast others out because they do not do things or think the way we do, we are telling them they are not good enough. At the end of the day, truth is it isn’t about them; it is about us.  We deep down believe we are not good enough and fear rejection and abandonment. 

Throughout history, we have learned to focus on difference as something negative, rather than celebrating and honoring it.  The difference is beautiful; it is fear of it that creates the distortion.  I had someone tell me I was connecting to Source the wrong way in one of my spiritual community relationships.  That was my sign and signal, “It’s time to go!” Of course, I stayed until I was so broken down and beaten by these groups that I questioned even my intentions as if someone out there knows me better than me. Why because even then, I still did not get it! That is okay, it was perfect for me, and it was my unique path. Because, again, it was ALL about me!  I decided to stop judging the experience and opened my eyes to see how it was all just a reflection of me.

It didn’t stop there; time and time again, I attempted to communicate the inclusion of all.  But I was so fragmented within myself, shoving down the disagreeable parts of me that I still couldn’t understand why this message continued to come up for me.  This is the path, this is the way, not just of the “Mandalorian,” for you Star Wars fans, but the human experience. We have missed the point.  Which is through holding an unconditionally loving space for ourselves, we allow it for one another, and this is when we break the cycle. 

Everything is in cycles, and we have finally entered the period of change.  For those who are ready, this change is thrust upon us by the energies and planetary alignments of 2020.  Breaking this cycle will undoubtedly take time, but that is found in each choice.  Finally celebrating differences and facing our fears is vital.  Why?  Because this is not the choice we typically make. Somewhere we missed the fine print reminding us that this whole journey is about the experience.  It is the judgment and internalized emotion of those experiences that take us to the next experience with a match in energy.  We have even learned to fear our fear!  It is when we allow our belief that we are doing things wrong, or we are not good enough, we continue to create more experience that supports those frequencies.  However, the universe will always present the choice that will take us back to our true essence and alignment.  It just may not look like or be the choice that you usually make or everyone else is making. It may be uncomfortable and new but changing the way we look at it, how we experience it will change too.  I have chosen the view of adventure and I have packed my love of self to go along for the first time; this choice is the cycle breaker. 

There is no one size fits all, do it this way or that.  This journey is unique and spectacular in every way.  Accepting this about ourselves and recognizing it in others allows us to clear yet another veil of illusion.  Celebrating the human experience in all its forms with love and acceptance assists the other pieces of you.  But we cannot do this integration out there until we do it within each of us.  We live in a fractal universe.  The pieces always represented the whole.  If we do not begin celebrating the beauty of each part of who we are, the whole will appear to still be out of reach and we will continue to make choices based on the illusion.  Love yourself and all your pieces no matter what!  It may not look the way everyone out there says it is supposed to but that will shift when it shifts in you.  You are worthy.

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I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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