Focus matters

I have experienced almost 45 years of people telling me what I do wrong. In the spiritual communities where I thought I should be supported with love, it was the worst. The judgment and spiritual superiority were beyond anything I had ever experienced. This constant psychological beating that I was doing everything wrong or not measuring up re-traumatized me, triggering those old wounds. For me, this experience was necessary; it showed me my core wound, a belief I carry of not-enough-ness.  In the end, it wasn’t about anyone who treated me a certain way.  I asked the universe to help me to expand beyond where I was many years ago after I healed my wounds, and it obliged by thrusting me into relationships and experiences that would show me the behaviors and beliefs I had about myself. The universe gave me a crash course in frequency and just how this reality operates.

For some of us, we have done so much “healing.” We believed if we heal these wounds through our awareness and forgiveness, that is all is needed. I was one of those people; I felt if I could forgive, that is all I needed.  But it isn’t, a mere awareness and forgiveness of others and yourself is only the first step. It is only the beginning and a real change of perspective is needed here.

Although one experiences a change and release after taking this first step, the frequency established by the energies of these experiences remains. There is only a slight shift in energy; there are core beliefs and behaviors that are created through these experiences that remain.

Through this awareness, a need to understand the science of energy and motion exposed itself. Once energy is motion, it creates a frequency and we attract matching frequencies within our daily reality. What if we began concentrating and building the energy around these frequencies in a new way?

Rather than focusing on what we are doing “wrong,” focus on what we do right. Surround yourselves with people who support us in healthy ways, not those who tear us down because we are not “healed” enough, good enough, smart enough, secure enough, or any of the other perceived deficiencies others would like to project onto us. Hearing these insufficiencies over and over creates a belief and in turn, a frequency, and this is how we create the experiences.  Celebrate our being and continue to make choices in our behavior that are a match to what we prefer in life.

The core frequencies that I currently carry are low self-esteem and extreme lack of confidence. When I was surrounded by “friends” that continued to focus on my faults and issues, it only reaffirmed what I believed was true about myself. The only way I could change this was to take a stand. When I decided I would no longer match this frequency and made changes in my behavior and beliefs, the reality around me immediately began shifting. “Friends” and family disconnected, and a significant change rippled throughout my reality.

I immediately wanted to view my world as if I was losing something or that “I” did something wrong, but I saw something else. Through a constant state of self-awareness, I observed my thoughts and feelings. When I began to love myself more and build my self-esteem, something shifted. I recognized I needed to create a template for the confidence I previously never had. All these years, I had only recovered who I was programmed to be, I needed to allow my true essence to come through and take her place within this creation.

I started celebrating my ability, always having intentions of love. Recognizing not once have I maliciously attempted to hurt anyone. Every choice I had ever made was out of love and the desire for the expansion of others even when it did not assist me.  In some ways, I became the martyr; in others, I reaffirmed that everyone was more valuable than me — my behaviors of always putting the needs of others before my own reflected my lack of self-love. The awareness showed me where the projections and assumptions of others had swayed me into questioning myself. In this realization I made a choice.  Like a mighty tree I extended my roots deep into my divine state of being and began to extend my branches out, allowing for the growth of positive, supportive beliefs about myself. I could hear my ancient heartbeat transcend from a low murmur to a robust and voluptuous beat that shook to my core strengthening my being. These beliefs began to flower my magnificence as I celebrated and experienced new frequencies. Frequencies of expansion, self-worth and unconditional love began to bloom the most glorious flowers emanating breathtaking and intoxicating scents.

My relationships became more profound and robust as I grew in my resolute
love of self. I began to feel like I was important and that I did matter- the world reflected this to me as a result. So rather than focusing on how wounded we are, let us find the beliefs that reaffirm those wounds and shift them. By saturating ourselves in our beauty, worthiness, and love, we begin to attract to us experiences that match. So decide what you prefer, and begin to cultivate the beliefs that will create that reality for you. Let’s start by focusing on what we do right, remembering all the times we felt in alignment and create more of that by becoming aware of our beliefs in those moments. Know and trust yourself, harnessing your magic. In no time, the universe will respond, and your reality will shift, allowing a new experience, the one you came to this earth to live.


Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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