The NEW year

Choose your frequency.

The new year is always a time of conscious awareness where we reflect on the year’s experiences and excitedly plan for the next year ahead. Each of us imagining a goal we wish to achieve, one we must meet or seek out to get. Not many of us stick by these goals for too long or achieve what it is we sought out to bring into our reality. Perhaps we are doing it all wrong; there is no going to get anything, we already contain all possibilities in this now. When we imagine anything outside of ourselves or that we must get it, we are projecting a frequency of lack.
In reflecting on this last year, I have put together many pieces that have allowed me to understand my place within reality fully. I am consciously experiencing through this body, while everything I see is a reflection of my current frequency. This last year showed me exactly how this works through my relationships with others. In my desperate search for answers all these years, it was right in front of me, or should I say within me all along.
Science is leaning towards the theory we are in a fractal universe, a simulation of sorts. Within a fractal is the whole as it repeats its representation of the micro to the macro. We can see the repeating patterns from the galaxies in the universe to the cells within the body organs and us. We are the whole; we have everything we need already right here right now. It is where we focus that we see reflected in our immediate individual reality. When I say focus, I do not mean, squint your eyes and think really hard about something. Focus is the energetic state of being, the frequency. Our experiences, emotions, feelings, and beliefs create this frequency.
We do not bring anything to us; we shift our frequency to match a reality that already exists. We work to change the frequency we currently hold to match the one we prefer. How do we do this? We, humans, tend to make things much more complicated than they are. It is pretty simple, really. If your current frequency is one that doesn’t match the frequency of what you desire, you must shift.
Everything we see and experience is a reflection of our frequency. So this New Year, when you are making your resolutions, recognize working out to get healthy is not so much about going to the gym every day as it is about loving and achieving a frequency of health with yourself. Know that the desire to have more meaningful relationships in your life is about loving yourself. The resolution to acquire more abundance in life is about letting go of the belief that you are in lack. In this way, we do not create our reality; we match to the one that we choose. We are the creators of experience because it is what we choose that creates the frequency. We align with what is already here. Loving, warm wishes in your journey into an enlightened New Year!
~ Be sure to check out me and my oldest son Tevin on New Years’ night when we post our first EastcoastMom WestcoastSon video since 2018. There is a clarity that 2020 brings that is allowing us significant change in not only what we experience but how we perceive it. Happy New Year!

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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