Do you see what I see

Often we think if the other person could only see things from a particular perspective or had this one piece of information, they would understand, an epiphany would occur, and all would change.  Somehow we take on the role that it is our job to guide these individuals onto the “right” path or show them the “right” way.  But there is no right way, only experience, it is our judgment of experience that stifles us. 

When a person is ready, they will see and experience what is perfect for them.  Stepping into the reality of the human experience is a journey created by the beliefs within.  It is meant to be unique for each of us — a journey through experience that allows for expansion and growth through many environments and circumstances.  Each individual is a representation of consciousness projected through a diamond, each a facet learning, growing, expanding, and sharing its unique experiences from within the human physical body.  Only within this created reality can we taste, touch, smell, and enjoy such an emotional and deep feeling of both the connection to the all that we are and individualized experiences through the physical vehicle of the body.

Somewhere along the way, humans began to believe they were disconnected from the whole.  If something was different than them, they began to fear it, question it and often make it taboo.  Somehow, they began to believe that only their ways, characteristics, or beliefs where the correct ones and that everyone must comply with those; otherwise, there is something wrong and it was their job to cleanse this reality of difference.  We’d forgotten that everything is energy, and we too are a part of that energy.  We are the ones that assign meaning through our beliefs and with that the momentum and creation when we agree.  These beliefs continue through generations and from person to person once accepted.  Each individual is only repeating what they have learned.

Until one day, we awaken and ask, why?  Or we experience something that pulls back a few layers allowing sight of the illusion, leaving us hungry fro more.  We look around and see all the similarities rather than the differences.  We get a taste of the love that we are and realize it is us that agrees to victim hood and only us holding ourselves down.  There is nothing outside of us; it is all agreement.  There is a sudden jolt into a reality where we become aware of the agreed-upon ideas that have perpetuated pain, suffering, and disconnection and we are done playing the game of duality.

Can one awaken another to this state of being?  No.  But we can honor each other’s journey.  Work through our self-awareness by removing the veils of illusion we have created through our own beliefs.  By doing so, we change the frequency of our energy.  When the frequency shifts we move beyond the old wounds and individuals begin to experience new relationships and explore ideas that shape a new reality.  Through this awareness, one chooses what they prefer.   As physics would have it, ripples of change in frequency are felt by those surrounding us.  Sometimes the changes stir and trigger others, mirroring back to individuals what they innately know is true but have been taught otherwise.  Sometimes the mirror opens the door.    

This uncomfortable feeling is often cognitive dissonance, as these new ideas challenge the beliefs and identities created and passed on.  If an idea triggers you, it is showing you where you need to apply more self-awareness.  If you think things are supposed to “look” or be “done” a certain way, you might be missing the purpose of this journey.  And if you are, well, that is okay, that it is your journey and a place you will grow and evolve beyond. Just recognize it is one based in beliefs and you are the one agreeing to it. 

Removing the layers of belief and shifting the frequency of your experiences while relaxing into the journey and allowing are the keys.  Each of our frequencies is unique and creates this one of a kind synchronistic dance through this life.  My dance steps are not yours, but they are connected.  I express that by holding unconditional space and celebration of all experience — opening to recognizing the beauty of our differences and the divinity of our similarities.  It is only judgment that separates us.  It creates an illusion; it allows assumptions without all of the information.  When we release the judgments, the illusion dissipates and the answers become apparent.  Individuals begin to feel the connections and return from the distorted frequencies created by the previously held beliefs. 

At the end of each day before we reset, recognize it is ALL about you.  When we awake, we intend to see what it is time for us to see and decide to make new choices that move us closer to the life experiences we desire.  Honor the choices and experiences of others while focusing on your frequency and what you are agreeing to. While our reflections help each other to see and grow, we are each responsible for our facet of the diamond. 

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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