The Veil

We often hear about the veil of this reality.  The claim is that it is a veil that creates the illusion.  It proposes that when we can travel or pierce this veil, we find our real being, and the illusion of this reality ends.  But I can assure you this is not the case.  There is nothing outside of you.  We are already whole, it is an illusion that causes us to believe otherwise, and it is us who have created it. We are using these bodies to, well, experience. It is within this reality that you create the veil.

Here is the science, well some of it, this is me putting the pieces together. I have recently had the privilege of journeying through academia, confirming what I innately knew to be true.  One enters this reality with access to all that it is.  In this physical body, consciousness projects through the vehicle for this focused human experience.  There is much more experience consciousness is having outside of humanity and this reality, but that is a different blog for another day.  Once consciousness projects in, and yes the time and day are a program set of characteristics ready to play. The experience begins and the soul continues to shape this incarnations identity and roles creating new experiences beyond those pre-programmed characteristics. The way this simulation works is through the physical body and consciousness. The data of experience begins to create the veil as one ages and accumulates more beliefs taking them further from their original state of being. These beliefs are all learned. They have shaped cultures and the agreed upon behaviors needed to create shared meaning and communication.

The neurology and patterns of the brain are developed from the time consciousness enters the womb into life.  The brain becomes the tool used to process the data required to experience this reality. If the individual has adverse experiences, the brain is wired in response. During times of extreme or persistent trauma, the wiring within the brain becomes frayed and creates new patterns affecting the way the brain processes experiences. These changes in pattern and shift of perception create a new lens through which one views the world, and it is often unaligned with the true nature of the being. It acts as an additional veil one perceives reality through. Recovery and rewiring are possible.  But one must first recognize the veil with which they see the world. An example is often with PTSD, everything is experienced through a veil of attack.

The other similar thread for most humans is one of unworthiness or identities and behaviors formed based on lack of worth. These beliefs continue to shape the reality surrounding an individual. These experiences have caused behaviors that do not allow the individual to be who they desire to be. Through education, awareness, and self-exploration, one can understand where their behaviors were formed and decide if these continue to serve them any longer.  In this way, an individual heals the brain and shifts the veil while creating experiences of reality through new frequencies based on the new beliefs and behaviors.

The very reaction or response to the reality surrounding every individual is based on belief and behavior. Through a match in frequency, one attracts experiences.  If they are opening to the opportunity for growth and expansion, they can release judgement and see the experience as a reflection of a  belief from within themselves. As one experiences through the body, the relationships outside of themselves represent the current beliefs and frequency, allowing for the necessary change to be realized. The reactions, responses, triggers, and the thoughts show precisely where the beliefs remain within the psyche of the individual. The awareness without judgment allows an individual the opportunity to see beyond these veils of illusion. It in is pulling apart these layers and understanding oneself entirely that shifting or not can occur. The repeated practice of living with self-worth and a deep love and respect of the self, while relaxing into the beauty of this reality, takes one closer to seeing beyond the veil. Just as the adverse experiences created the beliefs and veils can we dissolve them and the veil on our return to the experience of what we prefer. This space allows for expansion beyond and the veil of illusion.

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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