The Experience and Perspective of Now

Reality is a reflection from within.


Several years ago, I went on an adventure exploring past life regression.  My very first session was done in the home of a person I respected at the time.  The first past life regression took me to a large family setting on a working farm.  The life purpose projected onto me was to maintain theContinue reading “Thriving”


Over the last month, I have contemplated whether to write about my current cycle of experience. In the end, I have decided to document my experiences as I have done to date. While I have discussed the cycles, I have not gone into detail concerning the recent experience. Since the beginning of May, my perspectiveContinue reading “Grace”

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You can not distract yourself with anything outside of yourself for very long before your reality will eventually match your internal wounds and the stories repeat with different characters while overflowing into the world around you. Until one understands and shifts the frequency of their core wounds, they will continue to create a reality that matches that frequency. If what you are experiencing is exactly what you prefer, carry on. But if you are ready to experience the divinity that you are, you must remove the veil of your wounds by recognizing and shifting their frequencies. Humanity is on the return to the pure source frequency that it is, allowing more of it’s light essence into physicality. Beneath all the experiences and filters resides the unaltered source essence. Humanity is on the return to living in this aligned state. Always a reflection from within.